2nd Generation Microsoft Windows Phone Coming This Fall?

Trying to keep up with some of the more popular smartphones such as the Android or the iOS Devices, Microsoft is apparently gunning for their competitors with a couple of recent announcements.

Of course there is the announcement that Microsoft will be unveiling Windows 8 in the 2012 CES, presented by no other than Steve Ballmer and of course there are a couple of other reasons why Microsoft might think they can actually compete with the big boys of Smartphones these days.  Now there are rumors that the newest generation of the Microsoft Windows Phone might be on the horizon and landing in stores come this holiday season.

Of course, while Microsoft has not exaclty been private about the fact that this second generation of their Smartphone will be available, they aren’t exactly forthcoming with what exactly this new phone will have or what kind of features it will possess to both set it apart from the first generation Windows Phone or the iPhone or Android phones that have already flooded the market. Of course, with recent partnerships with Nokia and Skype, there are any number of different improvements that could be made.  Certainly Skype in itself could be something that would allow a new Windows Phone to offer something other phones can’t, at least off the bat as long as Microsoft is able to use its imagination a little bit more than usual.

Microsoft 365 is another new endeavor that could see some sort of integration in a way that can’t be copied on the other phones, because in the long run, they are simply using workaround to be compatible, while Microsoft can work out a way to have real integration.

Whatever these new features are, it is a certainty that Microsoft is excited.  Ballmer said that this new generation of Windows Phone would allow their users to “do things they had never imagined before.”  Of course when a company’s CEO is trying to hype a new product, they generally talk this way, but Ballmer isn’t know to be one who talks in hyperbole too much.  If he’s doing the hard sell like this, the new phone should indeed offer some things not found elsewhere.