The incredible Wooden R2-D2 iPhone Dock

Recharging our gadgets with docks is the way of the future, as we all know, and as such, we need to have some of them inspired by our buddy R2-D2.

Today we’re up for a rarity: an R2-D2 gadget that is actually made out of carved wood. Seriously, we hadn’t come across anything like this before! This guy already gets points for originality. And let’s talk more about “this guy”, shall we? His name is Mario, of Valliswood, and he managed to create a piece of wood that both looks like R2-D2 and acts as a dock for your gadgets. It measures about 9 inches.

The R2-D2 dock is selling for $210(USD) over on Etsy and is compatible with pretty much every iPod model, except the shuffle and new nano.

Source: Technabob

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