World’s Smallest Phone Charger Looks Snazzy

While smartphones are certainly indispensable today, they also have the annoying problem of running out of charge way too quickly. Blame it on using GPS too often or connecting to available 3G or 4G networks.

smallest charger 1

No matter what it is, the fact is that smartphones sometimes let us down in the nick of time when we need to make that important phone call or send that email on a priority basis. Moreover, we cannot always find a plug point or a conventional charger with us all the time. The World’s Smallest Phone Charger provides an interesting 20-30 minutes of extra juice and a few hours of extra stand by. The charge is the size that of a key-ring and is called Fuel Micro Charger.

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All that you need to do is push the power switch in the charger on and then plug in to your smartphone. It will begin to charge almost immediately. This device is just right for those people who sometimes end up staying late at work or travelling an extra mile or two, and they can use the smallest charger to charge their smartphone in the most non-invasive manner possible.

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It measures just 1.3 inches by 0.9 inches and is being touted as the world’s smallest charger. The Devotic Fuel Micro Charger is not only a great product but it can also make for an amazing gift if you know someone who uses their smartphone a lot and always complain about their batteries running out. It comes with a cable and you can connect it to any AC micro USB-wall plug.

The product is made from die-cast aluminum and is one of the best chargers that I have come across, when I take the size into consideration. The micro-USB of the charger lets you charge al mobile phones except iPhones.  You could also take a look at the MacGyver Charger and the Hyper-Grip iPhone 5 Case that we had featured sometime ago.