Cameroon Frog Gives Wolverine a Run for His Money

The Cameroon frog or Trichobatrachus robustus is a bizarre creature that can give Wolverine a run for his money.

wolverine frog 1

The creature’s claws are actually bones that do not have a coating of keratine like other animals. Instead, the bones or talons puncture out of its skin in a gruesome manner to reveal the claws. This gruesome behavior is slightly more dramatic than Wolverine’s claws. Scientists at the Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology believe that it is a defense mechanism and that it allows the frog to deal with evolutionary demands in its own unique manner.

USA - Amphibians - Claws of a Trichobatrachus Robustus Frog

The claws are forced out of its skin when the animal is under threat and it certainly reminds us of Wolverine, who similarly plays around with his claws. When the muscle relaxes, the claws slowly relax back into the toe pad. The skin then slowly heals and gets regenerated. Moreover, these frogs are considered a delicacy in Cameroon and when eaten, locals believe that it helps childless couples to become fertile and reproduce successfully. While that is true or not is something that is vociferously debatable, this time around I can certainly debate that Wolverine sounds like child’s play when it comes to this unique Cameroon Frog. If you have ever come across a frog like this in your life or just about any other animal that is quite out of the ordinary, do let us know in the comments

Film: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Hugh Jackman

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