9 Extremely Unfortunate Website Names

Finding a good name for you domain is hard, nearly impossible. All the good ones are taken, although if you don’t mind having a sleazy sexual inneundo in your url, there are plenty of good names out there. Just like these websites, with the most unfortunate names you can find on the web.


The site is actually about the agents of celebrities, some sort of directory. The name suggests it might about what gifts to get for your regular hooker.


Lake Tahoe touristy site, not another site offering you prostitutes, although I’m sure you can find some around the resorts.


No, not about S&M or other crappy Rihanna songs. Another tourist site, about Spain. Who would have thought.


This site is about advice swapping in a million categories, not about changing your sex by experts. Although there’s a chance you can ask someone about it in there.


Looking for a custom made pen? This is the place I guess. It’s not a land full of… well, you get my drift. They have an hilarious line on the home page as well – “Don’t be fooled by those imposters at www.penisland.org, or www.pen-island.net, we’re the real deal!”


Actually, this is some site for art designers, not a blog about passing gas.


They used to be called dicksonweb, which made it a bit more fun, but this site for a company about data logging is not what you think of when you first read the name.


What?! These guys didn’t make a mistake with their names. This company is about erecting scaffolds. This was on purpose.


Site about doing good for people, but the name is just evil.

Many sites who have crappy names have disappeared of the web or actually changed their names. ViaGrafix.com which was for Via Grafix, www.MolestationNursery.com for the Mole Station Nursery and www.PowerGenitalia.com are now waiting to be bought by someone else, who’ll probably change the name. Just like http://www.ferrethjobs.com/, which was ferrethandjobs.com not too long ago.