Incredible Skyrim Concept Art

I don’t know how many working hours, school hours, university hours and quality time with the family has been wasted away due to Skyrim coming out in November 2011, but the damage is continuing to pummel through economies straight into 2012.

Hey, when you give people an endless land to roam through, and dragons to kill, a free roaming open playing world with stuff like fighting Walruses, marrying a bunch of women, turning into a werewolf, thief, assassin and other things all at once with the fate of an empire at your hands, what do you expect?

For those of you who haven’t even heard of the game, and if you’re using the internet on a daily basis I highly doubt that, than these incredible concept artworks should make you feel right at home when you finally play for the first time.

Ice Trolls. They have a knack of slowing you down on your way to snowy mountain tops.

Bears and Mammoths aren’t too nice ’round these parts either.

Most of the magic you’ll encounter will be used against you.

Dragons can be a bitch as well.

Dragons, as we’ve said, don’t have the best intentions regarding your character in the game.

Nothing quite captures the satisfaction of slaying a dragon with a sword to the face.

Mostly, unless you’re into picking up flowers and plucking butterflies, it’s about killing.

You can fast travel, but walking through the endless snow is fun as well.

Exploring through the holds, towns, dungeons and what not might be the most fun thing about this enormous game.

There are eight holds in Skyrim – Eastmarch, Haafingar, Hjaalmarch, The Pale, The Reach, The Rift, Whiterun and Winterhold.

The eight capitals of the Holds are Windhelm, Solitude, Morthal, Dawnstar, Markarth, Riften, Whiterun and Winterhold.

One of the races in the land of Skyrim are the Falmer. They used to be Snow Elves, but too many years of living underground turned them into rather unpleasant looking things.

A Zelda Elder Scrolls game? Why not?

And although Skyrim is very serious business, it never hurts to look at the lighter side of things. After all, you are dodging work to play a dragon slayer in a fictional land.