Woven Night Skies Miraculously Bring Aurora Borealis Into Your Living Room

Now you no longer have to be in Canada or Norway to witness the northern lights. If until recently only the ones from those countries could stare amazed at this natural wonder, technology can now bring this incredible phenomenon inside your home.

Great in conference rooms, even better in the bedroom, the Woven Night Skies, as these paneled window coverings are called, can duplicate the effect of the Aurora Borealis, without you having to take a plane to the extreme North. In conference rooms, these should create an impressive effect, as they are turned on automatically when turning off the lights in order to show a presentation or a slideshow. In the bedroom, such lights could definitely change the atmosphere into something more romantic, without needing to endure extremely low temperatures.

Dutch designer Chris Kabel created the Woven Night Skies in collaboration with TextielLab, a studio specialized in manufacturing unique fabrics.

“What kind of magic is this?” I hear you ask. Well, the secret of the Woven Night Skies is the glow-in-the-dark cotton yarn that absorbs light while your bulbs are on, and emits it when you switch off the lights. The digitally-produced patterns will definitely bring to mind the Northern Lights.

A lot of progress is made in interior design, I reckon, as well as in home automation. The light fixtures that people get, as well as the other sources of light, need to be unique, in order to make a home extraordinary. After all, it would be pretty sad if all of us lived in homes that shared the same design. That being said, advancements can be seen not only in light fixtures, but also in add-on modules for your blinds.

There’s no denying that the “real thing” is far better than these paneled window coverings, but you have to realize that moving to the extreme North (as well as simply going there) is quite difficult, and the ones who want to experience that effect every day might go for the Woven Night Skies, instead. As a joke, some people suggest either moving to Alaska or giving up altogether on the idea of having the Northern Lights indoors. All in all, the idea is really nice, but I think there might be some room left for improvements, just in case the Dutch designer ever plans to work some more on this project.

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