InspiraHealth: A clever solution to allergies

Spring is among us, and while the season itself is lovely, there’s some of us that don’t get to enjoy it because of our allergies. Here’s a clever solution to that.

lavender inspirahealth

The InspiraHealth team knows how much it can suck to not be able to do the things you enjoy because of allergies, and have been working on a solution that allows users to bypass the not-so-lovely things that come with the season. The most common allergies appear because nasal cavities are exposed to some substances and odors that irritate the nose. Particularly in the big cities of the first world, all along Europe and the US, there’s a big portion of the population affected by the low quality of the air they breathe.

That’s why the InspiraHealth team has been working on a series of filters based on activated carbon and expanded polyurethane foam. The nasal cavities are subject to a variety of substances and odors that can irritate the nose. There is a high environmental pollution and a variety of diseases in the air we breathe every day, especially in big cities. The carbon filters more than 99% of the particles in the air while the polyurethane foam filters dust, smoke, pollen and similar, with weak air resistance. By adding a few drops of water, they become perfect nose’s humidifiers, ideal for airplanes or enclosed spaces with little natural ventilation.

They have several variations of their product, with different smells for users to pick, such as mint, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, vanille and neutral, amongst others, so there’s got to be an option that fits your needs. Be sure to check their website if you’re interested.

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