Get Creative with the WURM iPad App

Some iPad apps represent the perfect tools for regular people who want to turn into artists without too much effort. WURM is an application that allows you to create drawings that are nothing less but works of art.

Anna Oguienko developed an iPad and iPhone app that turns everyone into digital artists. The trails that you will be able to draw follow certain patterns and respect parameters that you need to define in the beginning. The geometrical patterns resemble the works of art of the Dutch painter M. C. Escher, who was famous for his mathematically inspired paintings.

The visual patterns result as a combination of tapping and swiping on the display of the iPad. However, the ending result is not predictable, fact that makes each drawing really impressive. The developer claimed that “Generative art has been a fascination of mine ever since I first discovered work of Joshua Davis in high school.” The launch of the iOS platform helped her realize that using the touch screen is the ideal way of creating generative art.

The application is largely based on experimentation. As no tutorial is seen when launching the app, users are encouraged to learn by doing. This way, the developer makes sure that no two drawings made with WURM are alike. Users are able to choose between drawing basic things and altering the numerous parameters.

WURM is available in the App Store for $1.99. There are versions both for the iPad and for the iPhone, so you can do digital works of art while on the go. The developer of this app should really be appreciated for encouraging people to experiment. This is a lot better than following certain instructions while drawing.

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