Xiaomi create their own smartwatch, a follow up to the Mi Band

Chinese giant Xiaomi are tacking Apple and everyone else head on in the smartwatch market by releasing their own low budget device, the Mi Band.


Xiaomi are world renowned for their low budget gadgets that compete with giants such as Samsung, Sony or Apple as if nothing, and it seems their latest offering will do exactly that: release a smartwatch following them, but slash the prices like they’re nothing. This smartwatch has no name yet, but there are many rumors about it: chief amongst them, identifying users based on their pulse, which is a new technology and true innovation. We can’t help but wonder if this would require a lot of power, and end up becoming a downside though.

When it comes to its design, Xiaomi want to do a round sphere with a metallic aspect, and minimum width. This unnamed model would follow up the “Mi Band” smartband, with a renewed design – more elegant but conserving the NFC and Bluetooth technologies of the previous model. There are no prices nor possible release dates as of now, but a tacit confirmation by Xiaomi, by always trying to provide an alternative to what the rest create.

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