Yahoo is on the offense, now bidding for Hulu

For the second time in it’s existence, Hulu is being put on the market for sale as various bids are being made to acquire the streaming giant.


Netflix’s popular competitor Hulu is now going up for grabs once again, its second appearance on the table since 2011 (though it was taken off the market before being bought out), and this time around Yahoo is rumored to want its hand in the streaming business. Other bidders interested in acquiring the streaming giant are Time Warner, Guggenheim Digital, DirecTV and William Morris Endeavor.

This news comes less than two weeks after its takeover of microblogging site Tumblr, Yahoo is once again looking to acquire extra assets. Employees from Hulu are walking out the door and its owners are taking over the ad content, and all of this only two months after it’s CEO Jason Kilar resigned from the his spot. Moreover, reports say that the vice president of products Robert Wong has left the project this month as well in favor of working on SideCar.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to many, since Hulu has maintained a solid user base and has maintained its status as a quality streaming service of the past few years of its deployment. Nonetheless, we can expect some major changes coming our way if the joint-venture gets acquired by Yahoo, and some properties may be dropped by the search-engine giant should it acquire the streaming service.

Although Hulu caters to a mostly-American audience, as its content is blocked outside of the US borders, many clever users have found workarounds to enjoy the ad-supported service and continue to do so to this day. Either way, it seems that the future of Hulu lies elsewhere than with its current management, hopefully though, not in a shallow grave where successful services go to die.

Source: The Verge

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