LEGO Alien Facehugger Is All About Physical Attachment

Seeing how a LEGO replica of the facehugger looks like, I think Ridley Scott could’ve successfully used one of these in the Alien flick.

H. R. Giger, the Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer who envisioned alongside Dan O’Bannon the original depiction of the facehugger (among many other things from the Alien movie, including the Alien itself), is said to have based the design on human hands and genitalia, according to the Alien Species Wiki.

The current facehugger replica, made by Spanish LEGO artist Carlos Valero who goes by the name AL13N163NA on Deviant Art, shares design similarities with the original, and the color still resembles human skin, just like in the movie.

The things that set this piece of LEGO art apart are the topic (as we get to see Star Wars, LOTR and Star Trek LEGO replicas all the time, but Alien – not so often), the accuracy of the reproduction, and the fact that it was made entirely out of LEGO bricks. The last argument is really important, considering how complex this design really is.

As far as the accuracy goes, not only the design bears high resemblance to the original, but also the size, since this is a 1:1 replica. AL13N163NA used around 500 LEGO pieces, and considering that he also went through the trouble of taking a picture of himself with the facehugger attached, we might as well see a chestburster LEGO replica made by him in the near future. Even his nickname hints at how big of fan he is, so now he is meant to continue making replicas. In case the LEGO artist refuses, his friendly symbiote will make sure he complies with the desire of the other geeks.

Make sure you visit Carlos’ Deviant Art page, if you want to see even more proofs of LEGO ingenuity. Besides that, you could check out his personal website, Bricks and Movies, whose name suggests that he’s interested in more than just the Alien franchise. As though that wasn’t enough, Carlos also set up a custom t-shirt shop, which you could visit. Some of the designs might be a tad tacky, but for others I could certainly find room in my wardrobe. The way I see it, I think he should stick to LEGO sculptures, as he clearly has a lot of talent for that.

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