Yahoo acquires tumblr while its users brace for disaster

In some jaw-dropping twist of fate, microblogging site Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo earlier today for the sum of 1.1 billion dollars and left its users sour.


The tech giant moved with a fairly generous offer to purchase Tumblr despite its net worth being far lower than the offered amounts of money. While the buyout may not seem particularly spectacular to the common user, the Tumblr blogging sphere remains fairly adamant about its skepticism towards the company who now owns their service provider.

Known for its fairly draconian policies and views on censorship, many of the microblogging site’s userbase is clamoring to find a new alternative to vent their thoughts in small blogposts, while many others are dedicating themselves to reminding others of the many failed startups Yahoo has bought and successfully run into the ground.

While tech sites are saying that the acquisition may just be a curse in the veins of facebook acquiring instagram, the silver lining remains in the fact that Tumblr’s CEO David Karp will remain in charge of the project, which we can almost univesally attribute to Tumblr remaining an ad-free service, a change that many users are fearing with open opposition.

All snide remarks aside, Tumblr remains one of the fastest-growing blogging sites on the web, with pages dedicated to almost anything you can imagine. And while the almost-certain crackdown on material that yahoo finds offensive is sure to happen, we can at least rest assured that some of the excessive trolling happening within the community is going to disappear into the mists of time. No matter what your stance on the acquisition is though, the only way is forward; in the meantime, WordPress is looking awfully good to me right now.

Source: Time

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