The Yerka Project: unstealable bike for the big city

Living in big cities poses some dangers that inhabitants of the suburbs or small towns might not be aware of. Here comes an idea for those who are fond of their bikes and would hate to see them stolen.


Thieves are getting pretty creative, but the Yerka Project will test their tenacity. It’s a secure bike that instead of having the user lug around a padlock becomes a lock itself. Owners just have to separate it in two parts, unhook the seat post, and then locks itself into place using a post or a tree. Being that the bike itself is the lock, finding the right spot shouldn’t be too hard.


Hard to grasp? Well, the Yerka Project team has created a video where they demonstrate exactly how it works, and you can judge for yourself how useful it is right below these lines.

Have the team won you over yet? We don’t know just how secure the lock is, but just imagining the confused faces of thieves everywhere might make the whole project worth it, if you ask us.

Via Craziest Gadgets

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