The Bearded Ski Mask Makes You Look Like Yeti

If Yeti and those two guys from ZZ Top ever have a baby, this is what it will look like. Most of us strive to be fashionable on the slopes, but rest assured, the Beard Ski Mask aka the Beardski will have just a dramatically opposite effect. This abomination of a ski mask may incur the wrath of the Fashion Police, but may just find favor among the uber-geeky.

However, jokes apart, the Beardski isn’t without its merits, as this one will protect you from the icy winds. The ski mask has been insulated and also features a lined neoprene, a woven thermal fleece and a 12″ synthetic beard, which the manufacturer claims to be “stylish”(mmm I don’t think so). Designed for the carefree skiers and the bikers, the mask comes in a universal size and has been made in such an order, that it covers the ears, the face and the neck, thus ensuring one doesn’t freeze to death.

Available in a plethora of styles like; Zeke, Pirate, Viking and Church (for real), the ski mask is a pretty insane ski accessory, but has surprising garnered many good reviews from past consumers. It will also keep everyone amused and is a “must have” skiing or cold weather accessory for the adventurous. So next time you want to grow a beard without any effort, just let Beardski do the needful. Retailing for $29.95, a pop, the Beardski can be ordered online from here.

Product features:

  • Adjustable attachment flaps make it one size fits all
  • Made with thermal fleece neck & vented neoprene mouth and chin
  • Water resistant
  • Lined with high quality silk backing for quality construction
  • Washable and non-flammable