Angry Birds Retail Store Opens In Helsinki Airport

Since life taught us (and by that we mean video games), hell hath no fury like a bird scorned; we would hate being on the wrong side of the Angry Bird crew. These harakiri committing birds have not only made life miserable for the greedy pigs, but have also taken the world by the storm. Yes folks, there is no ending to the Angry Bird phenomena and it just seems to get bigger and bigger.

From parodies, to cupcakes, to tattoos to other accessories, the birds have been immortalized in pretty much every imaginative form, and video game maker Rovio has full plans to capitalize on their resounding success. In their quest for world-domination, Rovio has set shop in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. So next time you are touring the beautiful Finland or having a layover at the busy airport, don’t forget to visit the official Angry Birds merchandise store.

The souvenir shop is already generating a lot of footfall, and the fact that the Helsinki-Vantaa also happens to be the fourth largest airport of the Nordic region (14,865,871 passed through it last year), will only help in Rovio’s goal of world domination.

More of a kiosk, than a full-fledged shop, the airport store is a stripped down version of the mammoth mainland Helsinki store, which was launched in November 2011. The kiosk as expected will sell all the usual Angry Birds memorabilia, which include a range of cuddly stuff toys. The store is the second physical retail outlet and only reiterates the popularity of the world’s most popular mobile game.

Rovio’s CEO Mikael Hed believes that it is more prudent to expand into merchandised than to recreate the Angry Birds magic with another app.

Says Hed:

“It doesn’t make sense when you have a hit of any calibre,” Hed said. “When you create brand equity, to do that again would be a difficult task rather than nurture and build around what you have.”

Not planning a trip anytime to the Nordic reason? Well, don’t fret, since you can order merchandise from the official Angry Birds Online store, which includes gems like plush toys, backpacks, and an eggrecipe book. So happy shopping.

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