13 Geeky Ski Masks

Whether you’re looking for your next Halloween costume, planning a ski trip on Christmas and thinking about looking extra cool for the ladies or just want to make an impression next time you rob a bank, regular ski masks are out, just so you know. Embrace the funny, geeky and plain weirdness people creatively put into these face warmers.

Comic Book Ski Masks

To get the frightening effect, there’s nothing better than putting the Joker on your face, although it is getting kind of old. The Dark Knight was three and a half years ago. Maybe Bane will be the next hit. We’ll have to wait till the summer to know that. These are also highly recommended when role-playing, just to spice things up a bit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ski Masks

Nothing says – bank robbing crew that will never succeed in a life of crime than four dudes with teenage mutant ninja turtles masks on.

Cthulhu Ski Masks

For some reason, Cthulhu is quite a popular choice for those going with the unconventional choice. H.P. Lovecraft must be smiling somewhere above.

Dr. Zoidberg Ski Masks

Less tentacles, more Yiddish.

Pikachu Ski Mask

Out of all these ski masks, the Pikachu one freaks me out the most.

Stay Puft Ghostbusters Ski Mask




Evil Tea Kettle Ski Mask

Even tea pots need ski masks to keep warm.

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