Hit The Slots Without Putting Down Your iPhone

Catharsis for gambling addicts has finally arrived for the iPhone owners thanks to New Potato Technologies’ new gadget. The iPhone Jackpot Slots [App]cessory allows you gamble without dealing with loan sharks and all that therapy. It also charges your phone while you play.Jackpot Slots [App]cessory

The Slots Dock is really just an iPod dock with a miniature, red slot machine arm on the side which syncs with the free iPhone app, Jackpot Slots. While you don’t necessarily need the Slots Dock to use or download the application, it certainly looks to make it more fun.

Overall, it looks pretty realistic, just like any Vegas slot machine, only tinier. It also, of course, compliments the old-style machines with the pull arm. When you pull the lever, the wheels spin and you win or lose. Even if you don’t want to use the pull arm, you’ll at least have a stand for the iPhone if you don’t feel like holding it the entire time. As with most items sold at ThinkGeek, this is definitely a silly product and probably has an entertainment value of less than two hours, unless you really do love hitting the slots, but it’s not a bad conversation piece either.

Jackpot Slots [App]cessory works with iPhones and iPod Touches (iOS 3.0 and newer) and has five games which synchronize perfectly with Jackpot Slots, including an option for online competition. Get one for your nickel-slot crazed grandma for just $39.99.