16 Incredible Yoda Tattoos

It’s never a bad time to get a tattoo, mutilating your body even further than before. A geeky tattoo? Even better? A Star Wars tattoo, of Yoda? You just can’t go wrong.

But why Yoda? Well, there has to be a reason, more than just loving the green little dude, right? How about, in memory of Stuart freeborn, the man who designed Yoda, who recently passed away? Good enough reason for you? I thought so. If not, than the fact that he’s officially, not just by fans but by certain important magazines and such, known to be one of the coolest characters to ever hit the big screen, should be a final nail in the coffin of doubting why to get yourself a Yoda tattoo.

The Pondering Kind

Yoda Tattoo

The About to Do Something Kind

Yoda Shoulder Tattoo

The One in Which He Thinks He’s Better Than You

Yoda Tat

Yoda About to Stir Some S&^% Up

Yoda Sword Tattoo

Zombie Yoda Tattoo

Zombie Yoda Tattoo

Yoda Simply Looking Old & Wise

Old Yoda

An Even Older Looking Yoda

An Even Older Yoda

A Sunset Yoda?

Red Yoda

Can’t decide if that’s a sunset or blood of someone he just hacked into oblivion.

The Making You Feel A Bit Guilty Look

Yoda Making You Feel Guilty

Yoda, the UV Version

Ultra Violet yoda

Yoda Being a Badass

Badass Yoda Tattoo

Quotes – Yoda-esque in Spirit

Yoda Quotes

Yoda’s place in the Galaxy

Yoda & the Galaxy

Yoda Having his Private Moment of Zen

Yoda Meditating

Yoda Volunteering on Christmas

Santa Yoda

Forever on the Back of the Palm of Your Hand

Yoda Palm

For more Star Wars tattoos, the sexier kind (Yoda isn’t that sexy IMO), take a look at these.