Sega & Japanese PC Maker Team Up For Sega-branded Netbooks

These netbooks might not have blast processing, but they look flippin’ cool!

Sega left the hardware side of the gaming business circa 2001, but there are now signs that the company that once proudly “did what Ninten-don’t” is planning a comeback after a decade long slumber… sort of. Pairing up with Japanese PC retailer Enterbrain, the two have combined forces to design a line of Sega console-themed netbooks that come in four retro-flavored skins.


Sega Dreamcast notebook image

For the base price of 99,750 Yen (USD $1075.47), Japanese patrons can choose a slim and portable computer dressed in either Sega blue, as a Mega Drive (Genesis), a Sega Saturn, or the company’s last gaming console efforts, the Dreamcast. The Sega nostalgia doesn’t stop there though; the netbooks also come pre-installed with Sega-branded Windows 8 themes and matching system sounds!

Sega Blue notebook image

Please, oh please, let this mean that whenever you boot-up one of these machines you’re promptly greeted with the “SEGAAA!!!” chrous – anything less than that is unacceptable in my book. Seriously, why would pay for three times the price of a regular wimpy-performing netbook if you can’t even nail down the most iconic thing about Sega. Sheesh!

Uh, but hey! These netbooks look pretty cool, right?!

Sega Mega Drive notebook image

Sadly, you’re not getting any emulated Sega games with any of these Sega-branded netbooks, which is understandable coming from a licensing and hardware specs point of view. Sega isn’t a fool to just give their games away seeing how well they sell through digital storefronts, and I hardly doubt you can get Dreamcast games working on a netbook with such low-key internals.

Also don’t expect any of these netbooks to land outside of Japan. Right now Sega, nor Enterbrain, have any plans to release them in the U.S.A. or parts elsewhere, so you’ll have to do with these images and that’s about it.

Uh, but hey! These netbooks look pretty cool, right?!

Sega Saturn notebook image

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