YouTube Announces Investment in New Content

YouTube has announced that it is re-focusing on content partnerships and providing resources to its major content creators in an effort to “fuel even more creation” of online content. 

Google is finding that the lines between online and offline content viewing is beginning to blur, and is therefore adding around 3,000 new movie titles for rent available to users in the U.S. These will span from short movie trailers and funny movie parodies to full-length blockbuster films.

This massive addition to YouTube will be accompanied by reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras. Furthermore, the service will continue to build “on the success of” Partner Grants and YouTube NextUp.

To do this, Google will bolster its investment in the content that’s already being viewed by hundred of millions of people on YouTube. YouTube’s 20,000+ partners, such as Machinima, Annoying Orange and The Young Turks, are producing original content for the web and commanding large audiences for their own brand of programming.

It’s becoming increasingly clear what YouTube is trying to do by investing in the platform’s budding filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs. By devoting resources to what’s making YouTube so popular, it will increase these show’s audiences to the point where they are on par with television programs.

This would also increase the demand for Google TV and other products designed to bring YouTube to your living room. Interestingly, the market demand is not yet there, despite the platform’s stunning statistics.

For example, YouTube is now available on 350 million devices, and garners 2 billion viewers per day. Still, this isn’t enough for Google, who claims that “in the coming year, we’ll bring even more content to YouTube.”

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Via: The YouTube Blog