Master Swag – Zelda Sword and Shield Hoodie & Handcrafted Bag

Be a lean, mean, and green Triforce finding machine with this Master Sword and Shield hoodie and backpack.

Zelda sweatshirt Master Sword Shield by Geeky U image

Every hero of legend needs a spiffy green tunic to begin their adventure of riding the world of evil. Unfortunately, if you don’t have any sewing skills or a little old lady who just so happened to have a spare costume lying around, you might have problems getting off on the right foot.

But not to worry, for enough rupees (hey, what’s the rupee into real-world money exchange rate going for these days anyway?) online clothing outfitter for the nerdy obsessed Geeky U, can ship you a splendid hoodie version of Link’s trademarked duds.

Sure, using a hoodie for the basis of your cosplaying efforts might seem a tad on the sacrilege side, but to be fair, it’s a fine American Apparel zip-up hoodie with master sword and shield carefully embroidered and hand sewn to ensure near perfect quality.

Zelda Sword Shield handcrafted bag Geeky U image

Even better, the leather-like belt even wraps around to the front and can be buckled! Although, if this hoodie isn’t up to your preferences after all I’ve said, Geek U also makes a handcrafted bag version – albeit in a nice warm grey color – that looks just as cool as its wearable cousin.

Both are priced at $99.99 USD each, so it’s up to you to choose wisely. Not that it honestly matters a flippin’ dodongo at the end of the day; you’re still getting a pretty rad item that pays awesome homage to The Legend of Zelda. A win-win in my book.

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