Kisai Neutron Motion Sensing LED Wristwatch

The latest addition to the Kisai series of wristwatches made by Tokyoflash tells the time on sub-surface LED light bars when the wearer flicks his wrist or touches a button.

It goes without saying that Neutron seems to be a watch characters from sci-fi flicks would wear. Its display looks very futuristic, but it also is incredibly functional at the same time. As if the display wasn’t a big enough selling point for this timepiece, Tokyoflash enables wearers to customize the Kisai Neutron to a certain degree. More precisely, it can display the time in several different ways.

First and foremost is the “flick of the wrist” method. The Kisai Neutron wristwatch employs a motion sensor to tell when it is held in horizontal position. The manufacturer assumed that the wearers hold the watch that way when they want to know what time it is. Flicking the wrist will cause the time to be displayed on the bars, either in 12 or 24-hour format.

There is also the Pulse option, which determines the numbers to pulse in and out. Telling the time in this manner might take a while, and while it looks really fancy, I would recommend against using this setting.

The third option is to have the time waving up and down. This might prove pretty confusing, as well, but I guess that people get used to the effect after wearing the watch for a while. On top of that, the display could be set to be always on, but it’s safe to assume that the battery drains faster in this mode. Speaking of the battery, it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge it via USB. Upon doing so, the battery should last for up to 30 days of normal use. Not at last, the wearers could have all the previous modes disabled if they prefer to push a button to have the time displayed.

One of the best things about Kisai Neutron is it comes in a wide variety of colors. Not only the color of the bracelet can be different, but also the color of the LEDs. Users can choose between black + red LED, gunmetal + blue LED, black + blue LED, gold + red LED and gunmetal + white LED. The gold one looks a bit tacky to me, but all the other ones are quite fashionable.

Kisai Neutron is on sale on the Tokyoflash Japan website for $169. At launch it cost $139, but that offer is no longer available, unfortunately. The price still includes free shipping worldwide, so if you’re not into the smartwatches that are continuously flooding the market, this geeky futuristic wristwatch might be the one for you.

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