Press Start for Romance: Contra proposal melts our hearts

Reddit user Equinn0xX could have settled for an ordinary “will you marry me?”, but putting his talents to the test resulted in a heartwarming geek proposal.


When it comes to marriage proposals, we’ve seen a ton of geeky and cool ways to break the mold from the standard kneeling and rings, but this reddit user may have just one-upped the lot of them by not only physically hacking a copy of Contra on the NES, but changing some of the code to swap Player 1 and 2 to their respective names. Using a little bit of DIY knowledge and a GQ-4X to edit the physical EPROM chip, the results are nothing short of awesome.


There’s hardly any doubts to this man’s dedication, if that was ever questioned, but take a look at the image gallery (notice the amount of chips he had to go through!) detailing the long and arduous process that went into making this romantic masterpiece, and you’ll get a feel of just how much love went into this project, and subsequently his would-be bride.

By going through the motions, modifying the cartridge both physically and digitally (not a ROM file like we’ve previously seen), this had the potential of turning into a disaster, and a lost copy of the NES classic. Although some EPROM chips were lost, no original copies of Contra have been lost in the process and, thankfully, nothing ended in tears. The end result works great, and the couple is well on its way to a long and hopefully successful marriage in the future. There’s no telling what crazy geeky proposals we’ll be seeing as time goes on, but until something greater comes along, we salute you Equin0xX, for having the courage and dedication to go through all this. You are truly an inspiration to geeks everywhere, we just hope you’ll get to recite the konami code during your vows!

Source: Reddit

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