ZenMate VPN: Lifetime Premium Subscription

What’s the point of using a VPN if Netflix is going to block it anyway? Well, word has it that this is a war Netflix can’t win, so this might be the best time to invest in a lifetime subscription to a VPN, especially if it’s at a heavily discounted price, as is ZenMate VPN in our store, Walyou Deals.

First things first, it isn’t impossible for Netflix to block VPN services, and the on-demand Internet streaming media provider has actually started doing so in Australia. However, the company is going to encounter a lot of problems, the most notable one being the loss of a lot of customers. Why so? Well, not all people who use VPN services are looking to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. In fact, many of these subscribers have actually turned to VPNs for the increased security these services provide. That’s right, VPNs aren’t useful only for accessing geo-blocked content, but also for encrypting all of the Internet traffic, thus keeping hackers at bay. ZenMate VPN handles both of these aspects very well, and if you appreciate your privacy, with a bit of access to geo-blocked content on the side, you should give it a try.

ZenGuard’s ZenMate is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, in case you’re not ready to commit to a lifetime relationship with a VPN service. The free versions of the browser extensions are enough for accessing geo-restricted content (*cough* Spotify *cough*) and buying things from stores that offer “free shipping worldwide,” while secretly adjusting the prices depending on your location. These aren’t without limitations, however, as you can only switch between servers from the US, Germany, and Hong Kong, not to mention that the connections are noticeably slower. To gain access to more features, and to be able to use the VPN servers on more devices, you will have to go with the ZenMate Premium subscription. The lifetime subscription available in our store is a real bargain, considering how little you’re paying for the full package.

Using ZenMate, you can connect to servers from 11 countries (Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands & Spain), and have your traffic encrypted, without having to sacrifice the speed of the connection.

To purchase a lifetime subscription to ZenMate, head over to Walyou Deals within the next 3 days and pay $49, instead of the $840 the subscription typically retails for. By subscribing to our store’s newsletter, you can take an additional 5% off. You’ll gain access to your VPN service account right after making the payment. The license includes updates and the length of access is actually 10 years, despite being called a lifetime subscription. However, at the end of these 10 years, customers can extend the subscription free of charge. All they need to do is contact customer support.

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