Zombie Proof Car Created by Walking Dead Mastermind

Welcome to the extreme version of Pimp My Ride where the creator of Walking Dead takes a regular car and makes it the ultimate in zombie proof rides. Ain’t no zombies getting through all this!

Of course having a zombie proof home is extremely important when the zombie apocalypse occurs (let’s face it, this is not an “if” situation here). But what about when you run out of food and other essentials? You can’t just walk out to your Dodge Avenger sitting in the driveway and expect to get to point A and back in relatively one piece. There are zombies out there waiting to feast on your brains. You need a car that is decked out in the best in zombie-proof gear as possible.

Enter Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, the television show that really started putting zombie conspiracies back on the map (well, that and apparently bath salts). He teamed up with car manufacturer Hyundai to create a zombie-proof car out of an Elantra Coup. The results? Check it out below.

Known as the Zombie Survival Machine, it features a plow at the head of car outfitted with spikes, armored windows, a roof hatch used for getting out and shooting zombies in your way, and spiked tires. While this car isn’t exactly on the market just yet, you can check it out at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

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