The Amazing Zombie-Proof Home

If your friends are at all like mine, you may have discussed with them the hypothetical scenario of a zombie apocalypse and how you’d prepare for such an event. Whether you engage in such conversation sober or after a few drinks, it will likely lead to a good mixture of the practical, the ridiculous, and the ridiculously practical. This home was designed specifically to be zombie-proof, keeping you and your family safe in the event of the dead rising and hungering for human flesh.

When the home is in its ‘fortress’ mode, sealed up tight, it looks like little more than a huge concrete box. Essentially, that’s exactly what it is, a concrete bunker with thick walls, designed to keep out the zombie menace. When in this state, there appear to be only two ways to enter the home. The primary door is located on the second floor, and accessible only by a sturdy drawbridge. Zombies hate drawbridges. Just below it, you can see two massive, swinging doors which open into what I imagine must be the garage. After all, while gas may be difficult to find, it can be important to go scouting in a vehicle in search of food, supplies, or other survivors. Given that the heavy doors can only open outward, it’s unlikely that even a living human could pry them open. If one were to throw in a solid metal bar, or posts to further secure the doors into place, that would only add to the security.

Zombie House Windows

Zombie-Proof Home

Zombie-Proof Home Fortress

Zombie Survival House

Zombie House Exterior

Zombie-Proof Home with a View

Zombie-Proof Home 2

Zombie-Proof Home 3

Zombie Home Fortress 2

Zombie House Drawbridge

Zombie Proof Home Shutters

Zombie Fortress

Zombie-Proof Home Closing

Zombie-Proof Home 4

Zombie-Proof Home Boxed

As effective and practical as the house looks for such purposes, one wonders who would want to live in such an ugly home, especially given how unlikely a zombie apocalypse actually is. Fortunately, the house actually looks pretty appealing when opened up for everyday, non-apocalyptic living.

The home’s facade is made up almost entirely of windows, almost a necessity to add some openness and warmth to such an intimidating structure. Likewise, the open floorplan also keeps things from looking too confined, something which would also come in handy when the home is closed back up and you find yourself living in a concrete prison. A thick wall with a sliding, solid gate covers part of the property, but with the pics it’s impossible to tell if it surrounds it completely. On one side, though, we get a beautiful view of the lush lawn and many trees. That is, until you see a couple hundred zombies emerging from the green splendor in search of food.

For more ways to protect yourself, you could arm yourself with a Machete Slingshot, or protect against starvation with Zombie Jerky.

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