11 Brain-Hungry Zombie Superheroes

Marvel comics have their Marvel Zombies series. DC had Blackest Night not too long ago. Superheroes can’t stay dead anyway, so why not mesh them with the always popular zombie trend, and get something a lot more awesome?


Kal-El as a member of the living dead. Art by nolanium.


In the DC storyline ‘Blackest Night’, Batman resurrected wasn’t really Batman but a clone of Bruce Wayne, so Batman is one of the few heroes yet to actually die and be drawn to life once more by the all-mighty comic book writers. Art by TLishman.


In ‘Marvel Zombies’, Spider-Man is one of those who actually grows a concious after feeding upon others. Art by RM73.


Wolverine strikes me as the most zombie-like character. I dunno, it just seems to fit him really well. Art by ARTofANT.

Ironman Zombie

He never liked Captain America, not really. Art by IaretheKraken.

The Incredible Hulk

Hulk-Smash mode is very much like a zombie state for everyone else. Art by dark00widow.

Captain America

This piece of art by RV5T3M was so good that Marvel actually used it for one of their comic books.

Green Lanters

Blackest Night is a Green Lantern thing after all, so it only fits that… This is actually a cover made by paperlab for the  Florida Supercon in 2009.


So fast that you’ll never know what hit you until half your brain was already gobbled up. Art by rbel1031.

Wonder Woman Zombie

Women like brains as well. Art by 12BarBlues.


Art by Brewhaha-123.