The Evolution of the Geek [Infographic]

Are you a geek? Walyou is about tech and gadgets, but also geek culture. Let’s take a look at the Evolution of the Geek to see where you fit into our community.

The word geek is said to originate from the word “gecken,” which back in the 16th century meant fool. A couple of years later, the same word was used for a performer that would bite off the head of a chicken in 18th Century Hungary (you must’ve been really hungry in your past life … get it? ah, never mind). Thankfully, the popularity of gnawing off body parts of live animals was dying down, so that a couple hundred years later, the word ‘gecken’ evolved into ‘Geek,’ meaning one of a high academic/science/technology skill level. Finally, we’ve arrived to a new usage of the term. It is no longer associated with dork, dweeb or nerd; it is a category in its own right … in fact, one that’s even becoming cool to use (ahem … geek chic). A geek is now a person that is passionate and/or highly skilled in almost any unique field. But don’t take my word for it … let’s take a look at the evolution of the geek.

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So, this begs the question which we all know  is dying to be answered … What kind of geek are you? Leave your answers in the comment selection below and Get Your Geek On!

19 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Geek [Infographic]

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  2. Finisterre.

    ..And the mansplainin’ commences! Bingo cards at the ready!

    So far I count:

    – It’s a ‘generic’ figure! So, obviously, the default is a dude! Changing it in different picture would require an effort of superhu… er… YOU’RE JUST LOOKING TO BE OFFENDED!

    – Who cares if they’re all dudes? NOT ME! Anyway, if we included even one then you wimminz would demand more and more until you took over completely and HELP MY PRIVILEGE WILL BE SQUISHED IF I CONCEDE ANYTHING AT ALL.

    – It’s not sexism! It’s just easier to draw men… because women require… more strokes of the pen… and…something.

    Keep it coming, dudebros! Keep fighting the good fight! The cause of *never* just saying ‘Yeah, there are masses of female geeks so perhaps they could have got just a teensy look-in’ is a BRAVE AND NOBLE ONE and definitely a brilliant use of your time. Yeah.


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