Gadgets To Help You Survive Mondays at The Office

    Let’s face it. No one likes to work full time, and we all would be vacationing away on a Caribbean Island if we had the money and time to do so. Since most of us do not have the luxury to sail away from our daily drudgery, one has to use come up with wacky ideas to keep oneself entertained at the dull and drab office cubicles and workspaces. If you are one of those who hate having to sit and work in front of a system with absolutely nothing fun to do, relax. Help is here!

    Create Your Own Office Space

    The Office Space Kit comes with a variety of junk like a mini stapler, an intech mug, a startler flair and loads of other things. The Red Swingline Stapler for $22.99 looks sturdy enough to staple that whiner’s mouth who sits next to you.

    Turn Worktime into Playtime

    If you are not lucky enough to have a cubicle or cabin of your own, and have to manage with a work space that is open, you could try and act a bit playful.

    The Space Gun LED Keyring helps you to play the good ol’ gun slinger game with your colleagues. It costs $5. Working at office is not all about being bitchy and nasty; it could also be about regressing to an infantile stage and discover the child in you. The Black Edition Bucky Balls will keep you occupied even when there is absolutely no work to do at office. It costs $37.95 and even looks pretty chic to me.

    If you, however, are the type who would like to while away their time by building stuff, you could try the Construction Zone Executive Sandbox which costs $24.99. It comes with a bag of gravel, construction cones, pearl white sand and other cool stuff. You could also purchase the slightly more expensive Hydrodynamic Building Set, which could actually be fun. You could combine multiple kits and create massive structures. Each kit costs $90. Most of us have been cruel to insects though none of us would dare admit. Some of you may even have had lizards, cockroaches and centipedes as pets (in glass jars), which you would later use to conduct ‘experiments’ upon. The USB Desk Pets are robotic pets that travel fast on your desktop, and do NOT die when you swat them with a book. You can have your own robotic insect for $25.

    If you would like to have some good natured fun with your colleagues, you could ask them to come to your desk and play bowling. The Zombie Desktop Bowling not only looks cool but also costs just $20, and will surely make you squeal in delight. Once you are fired from the job, you could use the Paper Voodoo to take revenge on everyone you ever hated or were jealous of at the office. You just have to draw the pins where you would like them to prick your victim. It costs just $6. If you are a drama queen, you could use real pins.

    Pretend It’s Already Friday

    Mama must have always told you that you had an inclination towards music. Unfortunately, that may not have gotten past screeching at the Karaoke bar and embarrassing yourself. Now, you can use the Finger Drums to bang the hell out of your colleagues’ ears, or maybe even look absolutely cool and say ‘hey I played with the high school band, and this is a souvenir!. Finger Drums work, and all that you need to do is tap your fingers to play them. They cost $24.99. You could also place nasty (or witty) Sticky Notes  that would tell all your colleagues how cool you really are, while you are actually waiting for the Friday night.

    Forget the Alarm Clock, Take a Snooze at the Office

    If you are lucky enough to have your own cubicle which offers a semblance of privacy, you must be a little higher up in the corporate hierarchy. Though corporate culture tells us that there really is no hierarchy, boy, we do know how prevalent such hierarchies are and what they do to boost or deflate your ego.

    One way to put down that annoying subordinate who always manages to outshine you in every respect is to get yourself the Self Adjusting Office Chair. It offers ergonomic luxuries that your subordinate may not be able to afford, unless he/she offer ‘favors’ to those higher up in the hierarchy. It is not available in the market yet, though.

    Another way you can feel good about yourself is by placing a Cubicle Doorbell. It costs just $12, and comes with 12 different sounds. It not only allows you to look for reasons to displace your anger on hapless subordinates (the word makes you feel good, doesn’t it?) when they forget to ring the bell, but will also save your butt from being exposed if you are getting busy with the fizzy with a co-worker.

    Take a Coffee Break (or Cocktail Hour)

    No corporate experience is complete without the ubiquitous ‘coffee break.’

    Every office has that boring coffee machine which dispenses watery latte that tastes terrible. If you are too lazy to get up and get a mug of coffee for yourself, you could get the Hamilton Beach Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer. It costs $19 and should be good enough for a mini-coffee party right at your desk.

    If you would rather drink cola, you could get the USB LED Beverage Cooler which costs $20. The New Coca Cola Coke Small Mini Fridge Vending Machine is larger version of the previous product and can keep several cans of your favorite fizzy drink and costs $150.

    Margaritaville Cordless White Frozen Concoction Maker is just the right device if you are the kind of person who would get drunk while at work. Of course, if you plan to buy this device for $220 and use it at office, you might have already planned for a disgraceful exit from your organization.