Star Wars Stats: The Force, Measured

It’s always easier to understand things once they represented graphically. Even George Lucas’ masterpiece, Star Wars. With so many issues to track in the galaxy, we’re glad someone is willing to give us a hand by creating helpful graphics with the data such as these.



This is so useful. Next time you’re planning a coup d’etat, you can know which groups are under-represented in the empire’s ranks!



Words placed weirdly: just as if Yoda was talking.




We’re glad to see Mace Windu, AKA, Samuel L. Jackson represented here too. Even as a Jedi, he’s still a BAMF.



Thanks to the author for doing such a cool job! We also have some cool infographics at Geeks vs Hipsters: The Showdown Has Arrived [Infographic] and The Colorful History of Video Game Animation [Infographic].

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