Women With Steve Buscemi Eyes

Some posts are funny; some posts are disturbing. Sometimes, like someone putting the eyes of Steve Buscemi via Photoshop on the eyes of unsuspecting female celebs, get both going on at once.

Adele – A Chubby Singer; Sings About Breakups

Christina Ricci – Emo Looking Actress; Forever an Adams Family Member

Miley Cyrus – A Party Girl in the USA

Madonna – A Singer That Used to be Important

Uma Thruman – That One From Kill Bill; Annoying in Everything Else

Kate Moss – For Some Reason, She’s a Fashion Icon

Rose McGowan – Marylin Manson? Really?!

Renee Zellweger – An Actress, and a Pretty Good One at That

Zooey Deschanel – The Geeky Girl Giving Nerds Misguided Dreams

Tina Fey – She’s Greek and She’s Funny

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