Raspberry Pi-based Super NES

The Raspberry Pi may only cost $35, but people seem to be doing amazing things with this small board. One person has built a working Super NES out of it.

Waterbury of Fermilab had the idea back in 2004. The Raspberry Pi is a small board that’s a complete, Linux-based computer intended to give kids a cheap computer of their own that they can mess around with. All they need to do is add a keyboard and mouse, and plug it into a TV. It’s a spiritual successor to the old 8-bit computers from the ’80s.

The Raspberry Pi here is running an SNES emulator, and even accepts SNES games through the cartridge slot in the console case. A video shows the completed system playing “Super Mario World” from a cartridge and “Super Mariokart” from the machine.

He used the case and even the original power adapter from the NES. We’ve written about the Raspberry Pi before, and it’s amazing to see what people are doing with this tiny computer.

via: FamiLAB