10 Best Movie Sequels of All-Time

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You’d be surprised at how many sequels would appear on a list of ‘best films of all-time’. Not often, but not that rare either, the second chapter in an ongoing story is better than the opening one. Maybe it’s the freedom from having to set up the stage and introduce new characters, or perhaps it’s just dumb luck and has nothing to do with a pattern.

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So what makes a great sequel? As we said, there’s no pattern. The simplistic answer would be: Doing things better than the first film. But there’s more to it than that. It’s about keeping the atmosphere and principles of the first film without copying and borrowing too much. It’s introducing new elements without drifting away too much.

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So before our list of 10 best movie sequels begins, it’s worth remembering one thing: This is a list of the best films that come 2nd in a series. For example: The Dark Knight is eligible for the list, but the The Dark Knight Rises isn’t.