10 Most Livable Planets

In case you got tired of Earth or simply want to make some new friends from… erm… out there, scientists have recently ranked the 10 planets and natural satellites that are most likely to host extraterrestrial life. Moreover, these are exoplanets that might support human life.

In fact, there are two sets of 10 planets each, categorized depending on different criteria. First of all, the scientists made a list of planets based on ESI (Earth Similarity Index). Secondly, there is the PHI (Planetary Habitability Index). The first one refers to the size, density and distance to the parent star of the planets that are compared to ours. On the other hand, the Planetary Habitability Index refers to the similarity of conditions on those respective planets that could actually allow humans and other forms of life to live there.

Depending on the ESI, the 10 most Earth-like planets are:

  1. Earth – 1.00
  2. Gliese 581g – 0.89
  3. Gliese 581d – 0.74
  4. Gliese 581c – 0.70
  5. Mars – 0.70
  6. Mercury – 0.60
  7. HD 69830 d – 0.60
  8. 55 Cnc c – 0.56
  9. Moon – 0.56
  10. Gliese 581e – 0.53

Earth is on the first place and it has an ESI of 1.00 since it represents the base of the comparison. The second list, on the other hand, is largely different, with only Mars and Gliese 581g, 581d and 581c in common.

  1. Titan – 0.64
  2. Mars – 0.59
  3. Europa – 0.49
  4. Gliese 581g – 0.45
  5. Gliese 581d – 0.43
  6. Gliese 581c – 0.41
  7. Jupiter – 0.37
  8. Saturn – 0.37
  9. Venus – 0.37
  10. Enceladus – 0.35

The first place is occupied by Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, which is also pictured above. It should also be mentioned that the PHI refers to such factors as the surface of the planet, whether it is rocky or frozen, as well as the presence of an atmosphere and of a magnetic field.

Even if we find a planet with an ESI of 1.00 and a PHI of 1.00, the main question is how do we get there? Many of us even doubt that man went to the moon, so going out of the solar system would be a real challenge, not to mention that the means of transportation should be able to accommodate great numbers of people. I can only dream of the day when humans will have entire fleets of spaceships capable of traveling at hyperspeeds and will harvest resources from all across the universe. The spice must flow!

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