10 Posters of Iconic Fictional Weapons

While those who have quite a lot of funds to finance their geeky desires and seek exotic weapons your heroes have wielded, those of us on less of a budget can settle for the pictures & posters on our walls.

Nicolas Hyde sells a lot of geek-oriented posters on his Etsy shop, Harshness, but his series of what some might call “Super Weapons” is really something worth checking out and possibly even buying.

Shards of Narsil – Lord of the Rings

Shards of Narsil - Lord of the Rings

The blade might still be sharp.

Lightsabers – Star Wars


They don’t make that sound, but they’re still awesome to look at.

Blaster – Star Wars

Blaster - Star Wars

For those who love to shoot first.

Phaser – Star Trek

Phaser - Star Trek

Set on stun, I hope.

Vibranium Shield – Captain America

Vibranuim Shield - Captain America

The only defensive item you feel safe hanging around with.

Mjolnir – Thor

Mjolnir - Thor

Are you worthy to put this up on your wall?

Proton Pack – Ghostbusters

Proton Pack - Ghostbusters

Sword of Omens – Thundercats

Sword of Omens - Thundercats

The Glaive – Krull

The Glaive

Ma’Tok Staff – Stargate

Ma’Tok Staff - Stargate

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