16 Unique and Funny Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas is almost upon us, that time of the year when we spend time for gatherings and celebrations with family. Most often, it is also that time of the year when we exchange gifts with family and friends. But how about adding a thoughtful touch to your gifts this year and going back to basics? One such way is through giving your loved ones Christmas cards. But to make it more remarkable, you can opt for funny Christmas cards that you feel would fit their humor.

We at Walyou have put together a good variation of funny Christmas card ideas that could pique the interest of your relatives and friends. Take a look at these best, unique and funny Christmas card ideas here:

1) Donald Trump Funny Christmas Card

funny Donald trump Christmas card

Make Christmas a little presidential this year by giving this funny Christmas card with no less than US President Donald Trump hugging the Christmas tree.

The maker of this card, NotNiceThings, is also giving a three for two offer, giving you a free card of your own choice when you order two card. Buy this card here.

2) Nailed It Tangled Christmas Lights Funny Christmas Card

funny Christams card

At least one member of the family deal with dilemma ever year —  when it’s that time of the year to unbox those tangled Christmas lights stocked up somewhere in your house. This card is to show your appreciation in a funny way for those people who do this yearly to make our houses more Christmas-y. It’s so relatable, this Nailed It funny Christmas card is part of Buzzfeed and Pinterest top picks.

3) Elton John: You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Christmas

funny Elton John Christmas card

For your John Elton-loving parents or anyone whos into John Elton or into his “Your Song” song, this card is for them. It makes a great pun for those who get it, right?

This John Elton funny Christmas card is printed on a high-quality 300-gsm textured stock and comes with a brown kraft envelope.

4) Elf Will Ferrell Christmas Card

Will Ferrell Christmas card

We all remember Buddy, that human who got lost in the elf factory. If there’s one thing notable about Buddy is his natural loudness and his character of telling how he feels, like shout “i love you” multiple times. Just like Buddy, you can show how you feel to your family, friends or significant other through this funny Will Ferrel Christmas card. This is perfect for people you know who are into elves!

The maker of this card, The Stuck Shop, creates these cards wither through digital painting or watercolor based handpainting on a 300-gsm thich high quality cards. Get yours here.

5) Trump “Mexico Will Pay for the Presents” Christmas Card

Trump Christmas card

If you want to take the political pun up a notch, this card could be a perfect choice. The world knowing about the Trump and Mexico issue makes it just relatable to almost everyone. Buy it here.

6) Funny Snoop Dogg “Nizzle before the Crizzle” Christmas Card

Snoop Dogg Christmas card

A funny Christmas card for all your Snoop Dog-follower friends to give them a little laugh. This Snoop Dog funny Christmas card is printed on a 61-pound heavyweight matte paper matched with a red envelope to make it more Christmas-y. Get five or more to get a 20 discount.

7) “Y’all Ready for my Birthday” Jesus Funny Christmas Card

Jesus funny Christmas card

Jesus wants to know if you’re ready for the grand celebration — that is, his birthday. Ask one of your friends or relatives the same by giving them this funny Christmas card.

This card is printed on a premium heavy cardstock, assuring good quality and lasting memory for the person you’ll give it to. Want to give away personalized messages to all your loved ones with this card? The seller also offers discounts for bulk orders. Get yours here.

8) Card-ashian Funny Christmas Card

Kardashian Funny Christmas Card

We all have that one (or more) friend/s who are into the glamorous and complex lives of the Kardashians. Let all the Kardashians (in santa hats, mind you) greet your friends this holiday through this funny Christmas Kard-ashian. Witty pun, right?

This card is printed on 110-pound cardstock and scored, folded, packaged by hand!

9) Fleece Navidad Funny Christmas Card

unique  Christmas Card

How about making it simple, funny and cute with this cartoon sheep drawing greeting your recipient a Fleece Navidad. A little humorous way of greeting your friends a Merry Christmas, would you agree?

This Fleece Navidad funny Christmas card is printed on high quality card stock and designed with gallery quality ink.

10) “Santa, Do You Love Me?” Drake funny Christmas Card

Drake funny Christmas Card

At a certain point we were all singing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” song-turned-dance craze. Make it more apt and a little funny this Christmas through this “Santa, do you love me” funny Christmas card.

This card is made from a high-quality cardstock in smooth finish. Get this card here.

11) Terminator “I’ll Be Back With Presents” Funny Christmas Card

Terminator Christmas card

Remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger film as the Terminator? Some of your relatives and friends might relate to this action film where he was known to have said: “I’ll be back.”

This Christmas, make them know that you’re giving them presents though this Terminator funny Christmas card that reminds them one of the nicest action films of the 80s.

12) Seasonings Greetings Funny Christmas Card

Seasonings Greetings Funny Christmas Card

This one’s for those who love the kitchen and had been making efforts all year round to create meals for us. Of course, for any cook, seasonings are their friends in the kitchen. So why not aptly give them a showhat humorous seasonings greeting this Christmas?

This seasonings greetings funny Christmas card is printed on 4 x 5.5-inch heavy cardstock and comes with a kraft brown envelope. Want discounts, you can get a pack of 6 or 10 for a box set discount! What’s even more interesting is, a portion of proceeds from sales of this shop goes to a charity donation!

13) Star Wars Funny Christmas Card

Funny Star Wars Funny Christmas Card

There’s a funny Christmas card even for Star Wars geeks, too! Darth Vader and a stormtrooper ends up wondering who placed a Death Star for a Christmas tree topper. As a Star Wars geek, would you do the same? Share the laughs with a fellow Star Wars geek this Christmas through this four-pack card.

This Star Wars funny Christmas card is made from an original pen drawing and digitally printed on a 350-gsm heavyweight card.

14) Cat Lover Funny Christmas Cards

funny cat Christmas card

Of course, cat lovers are everywhere, too. You might have a few in the family and some friends who are into these cute little creatures. Give them a little giggle this Christmas through this card showing a cutesy kitty hanging along with the Christmas socks — the very character of a playful cat.

This Meowy Christmas card is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and comes in a set of 12 cards, perfect for the plenty cat people friends that you have. Get yours here.

15) Ed Sheeran Inspired Funny Christmas Card

Ed Sheeran Funny Christmas Card

Help your Ed Sheeran-fan friends have an sheer Christmas celebration with this Ed Sheeran funny Christmas card. This funny Christmas card is printed on 350gsm white cardstock and comes with a Kraft envelope.

16) Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin Funny Christmas Card

Home Alone funny Christmas card

You can also opt for the Christmas classic that is “Home Alone” and greet your friends the Macaulay Culkin way: Merry Christmas you filthy animals. Just make sure you don’t leave anyone in the family this Christmas. Buy this card here.

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