14 Years of Google.com

On September 15, 1997 the domain name for Google was registered. Fast forward 14 years and we are talking about one of the giants from the software industry that is not shy of getting into hardware, either.

Even though Google Inc. was founded in September 1998, the domain had been registered one year before, maybe as a step of preparation. Since that moment on, Larry Page and Sergey Brin or “The Google Guys”, as they are popularly known, changed many aspects of our lives and some of us even wonder sometimes if we could live without Google.

Google has always been an adept of simplicity. Other search engine Web sites are cluttered with content, while Google.com offers you all you will ever need: a search box. Sure, the design may have been a little bit tacky in 1997, as seen in the above picture. However, there is a thing in that picture that does not fail to bring a smile to our faces, particularly the fact that the index contains approximately 25 million pages, with more to come soon. Just as a fact, the number of URLs indexed by Google exceeded one trillion in 2008.

To make sure that people do not forget who the developer of a certain software application is, the founders included the name Google or at least a G in most of their products. Besides that, they are all accessible on subdomains of Google.com, even though seperate domains have been registered, too, just in case people decide to use that format.

As mentioned before, Google created many products in all these years, from Web mail services and Instant Messaging clients to online office suites and blogging platforms. Chrome OS and the mobile OS known as Android run on some of the best modern mobile devices out there. It is also worth mentioning that Google was involved in the construction of the Tesla Model S electric sports car and that it is one of the supporters of green  energy.

Sadly, there is no joyful doodle to mark this anniversary, but this surely does not stop us from remembering the event.

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