Google Chrome’s Third Anniversary Is a Milestone in Browser History

Google sure is in news every day, and exactly 3 years ago, Google Chrome was unveiled to the public. The minimalist browser with easily customizable features became a rage among geeks and Internet users who were tired with power and memory hungry browsers of the yesteryears.

Though Firefox and Safari continue to be popular, just after 3 years of its launch, Google Chrome has become the most popular, stable and minimalist browser around. Today, the guys at Google announced that they were celebrating Google Chrome’s 3rd anniversary and took the occasion to send a message across about what they feel about the power of web. Google blog revealed that they would continue to stick to their principles of speed, simplicity and security. They also reminded Chrome users of the Chromebook which was announced a while ago.

We must also remember how the world and the Internet have changed in last couple of decades. From being something of a mystery to something that is part of everything that we do, Internet has come a really long way in a very short span of time. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox are responsible for the journey that Internet has made. HTML5 and APIs for geo-location has mad3e it 0possible for advanced browsers like Chrome to develop new ways of exploring the Internet and the world.

Google Chrome’s 3rd anniversary comes at a time when the company is at crossroads from being an Internet giant to diversifying itself into mobile and home device industries as well. Perhaps, Google will pull this off too and be able to walk ahead of its present competitors while continuously developing newer methods to browse and to make Internet browsing experience an interactive, fun and personalized activity. You could also go ahead and read about Tips to Use Chrome, which would help you to better personalize your favourite web browser.