15 Awesome Looking Shower Curtains

If having a shower after a long day at work wasn’t fun enough, it’s a whole of a lot better with some geeky designs or other creative ideas to make your bathroom a better place to be in.

Taking a Shower With Star Wars

The World on a Curtain

French Vocabulary Shower Curtain

Murder Shower Curtain

A bit of Psycho in the shower works well for everyone.

Pi Shower Curtain

Nothing gets you through a shower like trying to remember all the numbers and digits after 3.14.

Showering With Pac-Man

This entire bathroom is about Pac-Man, but there’s no doubt what the centerpiece.

The Periodic Table of Elements Getting Wet

Rain Shower Curtain

Or Singing in the rain

While it’s raining on you inside, your shower curtain character identifies with you, in a way.

Spikey Curtains to Tell You When to Stop

A nice idea to let you know you’re spending a little too much time in there, with the spikes beginning deflated and letting you know it’s time to start conserving water and shut it down when they’re… spiked.

Octopus giving an Ocean Kind of Feeling

The Subway Map

Brushing up on what’s going in the underground is a good idea while drying up.

For Those not Afraid of a little Spider Bite

The Fishnet Zombie Shower