17 Star Wars Inspired Art

The Star Wars influence goes beyond your standard merchandise for the movies. It has inspired every kind of artist, from those working with glass, to wood and metal, bringing forth to our galaxy some of the more interesting creations with a touch of R2D2, AT-ATs, Darth Vader and the Millennium Falcon.

C-3PO Electric Guitar

C3PO electric handmade star wars guitar, collectors case, Custom Gold

While the ultimate droid translator with his shiny golden exterior is exactly the opposite of what rock and shredding guitar is all about, he seems to make it look shiny and beautiful when there are strings attached to his torso and face. Buy him for $499 to make beautiful music, or just hang it on a wall.

 Darth Vader Rod Sculpture

Darth Vader Rod Sculpture

There are many ways to capture the being that is Darth Vader, for all of its many traits, sides and facets. Taking a steel rod to do it is probably something no one has ever thought of, until now. Buy it for $350

AT-AT Storage Unit

Star Wars inspired storage unit

It’s hard to describe the charm of the giant, clumsy AT-ATs, but they seem cute and useful no matter how you use them. This storage unit is made out of birch ply and is a great way to geek up your room and find space for your stuff. Buy it for $995

Stormtrooper Chair

star wars storm trooper chair,Adirondack chair, Yard furniture, big man sized, sturdy,Death star, themed chair, custom beach chair.....

While the Stormtrooper chair, perfect for the yard and outdoors, looks angry all the time, it’s still very comfortable to sit on, so who cares what it’s feeling inside? Buy it for $199

 R2D2 Bookshelf & Storage Unit

Star Wars, R2D2, Droid styled bookshelf, storage unit

Whether you want to use him to store clothes or other junk you might be holding onto (maybe some Star Wars toys) or use it in its more fitting bookshelf purpose, this R2D2 unit is big, massive and an excellent way of making the room it’s in better. Buy it for $895

Rebel Bass Guitar

Rebel Bass Guitar - Star Wars

One of the more original and creative ideas on this list: A bass guitar modeled after the coolest ship on the Galaxy, the Millennium Falcon, which is supposed to be the ultimate smuggler’s ship, but ends up being a major part of the rebellion against the empire, which is what rock n’ roll is all about, isn’t it? Buy it for $764.76

R2D2 Engagement Ring

Star Wars' R2D2 Inspired Engagement ring

Some people connect their love with their harmless Star Wars obsession, or maybe your significant other is a Star Wars fan. If that’s the case, this beautiful blue & white R2D2 engagement ring with Swarovski diamonds and sapphires might be perfect to set up your wedding. It costs $649.99

AT-AT Night Lamp

AT-AT Walker lamp, Star Wars lamp, Star Wars night light lamp, Star wars office, star wars

Whether it’s for your house, bedroom, living room, office or just a cool ornament for a cool bar, this multicolored LED version of the AT-AT will do more than just light up a room. Buy it for $69.88

Industrial Steampunk Darth Vader Wall Sculptures

Industrial Steampunk Darth Vader Rusted metal Wall Sculpture Star WarsAs you can see, artists seem to have something when it comes to Darth Vader and metals that makes their creativity go boom. So for anyone who’d like to envision how Anakin Skywalker (hope I haven’t spoiled anything for you) looks like frozen in carbonate, paying $300 for these doesn’t sound like much.

Grey-Gold R2D2 Engagement Ring

R2D2 engagement ring in hypoallergenic grey gold with diamonds and very fine blue sapphires. The most durable Star Wars wedding ring in 14k

While this has very little to do with R2D2 (some blue here and there), this droid ring is still stunning, made out of an ounce 14kt hypoallergenic grey gold, Colorless and VS to VVS ideal cut diamonds, the finest genuine blue sapphires available, and precious black rhodium antiquing. At $8,409 it’s not for the cheap or poor at heart.

Star Wars Vinyl Record Christmas Ornament

Star Wars christmas ornaments

Perfect to hang on your wall and if you’re a little bit handy with wire and some thread, off your Christmas tree as well, his Star Wars vinyl masterpiece is the perfect retro piece of art you’ve been missing from your SW collection. Buy it for $34.95

Millennium Falcon Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Wall Art - Silver Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Bathroom mirrors can get really boring, so if you’re going for some sort of custom design to make your moments of popping blackheads and cleaning your teeth, you can’t do better than the Millennium Falcon. Buy it for $245.89

Star Wars Rebel Alliance End Table

Star Wars Rebel Alliance End Table

When you’re sitting on a rebel alliance table, you can imagine you’re one of the generals or X-Wing pilots planning the attack on the Death Star, or the second Death Star, and feel really really important. Buy it for $175

R2D2 Full-Size Trash Can

R2D2 Full Size Trashcan

If you’re already seen Episode VII, you know that sanitation is also part of the Star Wars universe (actually, if you’ve seen Episode IV you know that too come to think of it). And the most fitting character in the series to play the role of a trash can is R2D2. Buy it for $150

Darth Vader Wood Burning Stove

Darth Vader Wood Burning StoveAnakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader by harnessing the burning hate inside of him. So you’ll probably do quite well in looking to warm up your outdoor activities by getting a Darth Vader wood burning stove, although it runs on wood, not hate. Buy it for $390.25

Millennium Falcon Chip & Dip Tray

Millenni-yummy Falcon Chip and Dip tray

It’s about time we get to food (I was getting hungry from all this writing)!!! You can’t go wrong with this chip and dip tray in the shape of the fastest ship in the galaxy. Just remember to never double dip the chip, even though it’s not a Star Wars reference. Buy it for $200

Stained Glass Boba Fett Helmet

Stained Glass Tiffany Style Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett makes an appearance in his colorful shape and in Tiffany style to make your living room a little bit more stylish, colorful and sinister. Buy it for $720

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