8 Fantastic 2013 Black Friday Gadget Deals

As the holiday season rolls around once again, 2013 Black Friday gadget deals are hot on everyone’s minds and we’ve got a list of 8 great bargains right here.

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In the United States, most people regard the three big holidays as Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas. But, with festive, religious and traditional based cheer, comes a whopping great load of bargains as retailers make a bid for your money and you get a chance to save on gifts with Black Friday, the annual shopping holiday that happens the day after Thanksgiving. The problem is, it’s cold outside and no one really wants to brave the Winter weather for too long and test out the usefulness of their woolly gloves as they look for bargains, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 8 fantastic 2013 Black Friday gadget deals to save you the trouble and the time when you head in store or look online.

1. Toshiba 16GB Flash Drive

So you’re finally embracing the digital age, you have a few downloads on your  computer and want a place to store them. Problem is, you don’t have a need for a 1TB hard drive and external hard drives are also incredibly expensive. This Toshiba 16GB Flash Drive is perhaps one of the most useful purchases on this 2013 Black Friday gadget deals list as Best Buy are selling a 16GB flash drive (more than enough space) for just $5.99, an 80% decrease on the RRP. Buy it for that price between the 28th – 30th of November here.

2. Audio Technica Headphones

Once you have your films and television shows downloaded onto that flash drive, you’ll want to be able to watch and listen to them in comfort and style. Amazon’s Black Friday deals include plenty of sales on headphones, with one of the best being this pair of headphones for less than $50, giving a high quality option for under 50% of the RRP ($119).

3. Apple MacBook Air

However, even with new headphones and more memory for your downloaded files than you can shake a gigabyte at, you may just be in the market for a new laptop. Another great deal from Best Buy sees the $1000+ Apple MacBook Air down to just $974.99, a saving of $125. Apple products are known for being expensive so this deal could be your best option.

4. Hannspree Tablet

One Apple product in particular that often makes headlines for its expensive cost is the iPad. This Hannspree Tablet is a great Android alternative however, running the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS (one of the best operating systems around) and including 16GB of storage, it’s a worthy tablet from a lesser brand and Walmart are selling it at a 24% reduction at $129.99.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

For those who are a little more used to smartphone interfaces, particularly that of the Samsung Galaxy phones, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might be a better choice of tablet. Also running on Android, like the deal above, the slightly pricier Tab 3 has a 5 megapixel camera, Android Jelly Bean 4.2 (an upgraded version of the OS in the Hannspree), HD television show and movie viewing capability and 16GB of memory, making it worth the extra cost. Office Depot are selling it with a $20 discount at $279.99.


The 3D TV revolution may not have taken off quite as planned but 3D movies are still as entertaining as ever, aided by their multi-dimensional visuals. What the lack of interest also means is that there are plenty of deals on 3D TVs. This offer from Amazon is for a 47-inch VIZIO 3D TV that also include 4 pairs of 3D glasses. It’s available for $709.98 and you save 11% on the RRP.

7. Sony Home Theatre

Enjoy those 3D movies with a huge amount of sound to rival a movie theatre with this Sony 5.1 home theatre which has several speakers to bring movie sound to your ear drums. hh.gregg are selling it for just $129.99 which is a great offer.

8. Nikon Camera

The tablets in this post may have high quality cameras but they can’t hold a megapixel to this Nikon camera on sale at Best Buy which has 16 megapixels, which will give you some of the highest quality photos around. The deal has the camera as $199.99, which is a saving of $150.

Found some good 2013 Black Friday gadget deals? List them below.

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