21 Perfect Room Decor Ideas For Gamers 2017

Do you want to enhance your gaming experience? It’s time to think of a video game themed room! It’s given that whether you’re old or young, having a room that is video gamed themed is definitely worth it especially for kids and even for adults.

Having said that, check out below for 21 perfect room decor ideas for gamers like you!

May it be Star Wars themed, Super Mario, themed, or even just a simple yet classy video game themed room, all of these are compiled for you in the following:

1. Fill The Room With Illuminated Stars


If your room is made of white ceilings and walls, it’s a great idea to decorate it with ambient background light and powerful UV light with designs such as stars, the moon, or anything to present a solar system experience.

2. A Touch Of Star Wars

‘May the 4th be with you’ designated room is great for Star Wars fans. As presented, you can come up with two lightsabers to be hanged on a bedroom wall, and partner it with a green fluorescent lighting along the border of a desktop table to form a strong Star Wars unique stamp.

3. Back To 80’s Retro Arcade Games

It’s the games that you play during childhood is what makes you a potential gamer today. Let’s take back old-school video arcade designs which indeed takes back and reminds you of who you are as a child. The 80’s designated game designs are definitely one of the best and perfect room decor ideas for gamers.

4. Sticker Gamer For Your Bedroom Wall

If you don’t want your room to be overly decorated—have this giant gamer wall sticker on your bedroom wall for a simple, neat, yet convenient for a touch of gaming designs.

5. A Gaming Office Is Definitely Goals

perfect room decor ideas for gamers

A black and white themed gaming office that is designated with white UV lighting along the corner of the L-shaped desk. It is partnered with three wall-mounted screens, and the way its arranged will definitely enhance any gaming experience.

6. Tetris Room Windows Or Bathroom Doors

Yep, it’s great to try it on your bathroom door as well. You could even apply this strategy to any glass blocks and they’ll look great!

7. Light Colors For A Classic Era of Gaming

perfect room decor ideas for gamers

For a bright and elegant decoration, a plenty of open space and repeated light alternative colors adds a fresh and fun energy in the gaming room.

8. A Glimpse Of Super Mario

Source: Freeman59.fr

We all loved Super Mario as a child, and in fact, the game is a big part of our childhood. With this, don’t miss out the idea of having a glimpse of Super Mario wall designs as presented in this image for your bedroom or living room wall.

9. Play Games In Daytime

Source: neogaf.com

If you’re one of the gamers that prefer to play games in daytime, choose a more airy and brighter approach in contrast with intimate, cozy spaces. As presented in this photo, the use of white throughout the room helps give a feeling of spacious and clean which is perfect to spend leisure time during the daytime.

10. Controllers For Pillows

perfect room decor ideas for gamers

A controller designed pillow for your bedroom bed will compliment any kind of room.

11. The More Screens, The Better

perfect room decor ideas for gamers

If you have a small room, you could focus the gaming designs on your computer desktop which is adding more screens, the UV fluorescent light behind, and a simple cozy chair. Even a simple lighting background behind the screens, organized speakers, computer, and other gadgets can enhance any gaming experience.

12. The Shelf Is What It Takes


Do you have a wild collection of games? It’s time to build shelves for that. As presented in the picture, various occupied shelves can make any gaming room look neat and productive which can impress your friends.

13. A Huge Gaming Gadget On Your Wall

perfect game room ideas for gamers

Have a Giant Sega PSP as your T.V! If you’d like to customize it as Nintendo, you can definitely do that as well.

14. Gaming Designs For Windows

perfect game room ideas for gamers

Never miss out a gaming design on your window with this PacMan yellow-black themed window blind.

15. Gaming Room For Family


You could fit multiple couches, cabinets, and T.Vs in one room and it will still look great as long as it is organized and color patterned. As presented in the photo, the two T.V. screens are located right above red wooden cabinets that are partnered with maroon sofas.

16. Invite Friends Over

22-arcade-experience-video-game-decor-homebnc (1)

A light flooring design and pastel colored walls will illuminate the room and help draw eye solely on the wall-mounted screens. With this, it is perfect for a gaming room aims for arcades, or for guests to play multiplayer gaming purposes.

17. Customize Your PC Setup

perfect room decor ideas for gamers

As seen in the picture, there are displays on the screen that is partnered with blue UV lighting, and a blue lined comfy chair. The classic black and blue themed PC setup are definitely one of the perfect room decor ideas for gamers out there.

18. Tetris Wall

For a fun and clever wall design, buy any amount square tiles of your liking, all in different colors and affix them to a bedroom wall designed according to a Tetris gameplay.

19. Simply White

white gaming room

You could place your PC setup right beside your bed as well. As seen in the photo, the white-themed bed and cabinetry along with green UV lighting express a clean and modern aura.

20. Blue Ceiling

blue ceiling gamer room

You could focus on using fluorescent blue lighting at your ceiling to enhance your gaming experience. To mount UV lighting on any location is mostly used for gaming designs and is definitely required to have a perfect room decor ideas for gamers.

21. Controller Painting Set

controller painting set

To add more designs to your gaming room, add these controller painting sets! You could customize it and pick any color of your liking.

Do you have any more perfect room decor ideas for gamers? Tell us about it! It’s given that there are more advanced gaming room designs this 2017. And the above-mentioned game designs are a must-have no matter what generation you are in, so, use one of the ideas and enhance your gaming experience!