3D Desktop Scanner Gadget

If you were looking for a scanner, you would be pleased to know that Real View is going to launch a desktop 3D scanner gadget soon, which will not just scan an object, but will provide a 3 Dimension image of the object. This would negate the need to upload pictures from all sides of an object or product, especially if you are selling it on an Online marketplace like the eBay or elsewhere.

The Real View’s Desktop 3D Scanner would provide images that are crystal clear and offer a 360 degree view of the object being scanned. All you would need to do is place an object on the rotating platform and the cameras overhead would create a digital 3D image of the object in question.

We have also featured a number of products that offer 3D images and the Paper 3D Printer is an interesting product we featured earlier. The 3D Desktop Printer and 3D Mario are similar products that may interest you. 3D scanners and printers will definitely change the way we take images and no longer would we need to create a montage of images to feature a product or object in it’s entirety. It is not known when the Real View will unveil the product and how much it would cost, but it sure would be worth the wait.

Via: Coated