New Nintendo 3DS Firmware is a Go, Adds 3D Video Filming + More

Firmware update 3.0.0 is now available to download for all Nintendo 3DS users, adding 3D video recording and more new features to the system.

Nintendo 3DS Update 3.0.0 Promo Image

Get out your Nintendo 3D, well, to those who have them, because today Nintendo just issued a new firmware update, version 3.0.0, that brings with it 3D video recording, finally downloadable content to the eShop, and other keen features to the handheld.

Simply connect your 3DS online via a Wi-Fi hotspot, steal a neighbors if need be or head over to Starbucks, and in no time you’ll be welcomed to the many new things your system can do; say like, filming up to 10 minutes of 3D video (keep it clean is all I say!) that can be directly saved onto a SD memory card. Cool beans.

But if that isn’t your cup of firmware tea, the new 3DS firmware also adds upgrades to StreetPass Mii Plaza, a new Nintendo Zone, and enhanced online gaming features. I’ve gone ahead and listed all details below, along with some other notable things the update includes, for easy viewing — no thanks needed.

StreetPass Mii Plaza

“Discover new puzzles, a new dungeon in Find Mii, and new hats to collect, plus more. You can now share your home state with your Mii, and see the home state of a Mii you pass on the street—try and find someone from all 50 states. If you reach 100 StreetPasses or other milestones, something special may happen*. Also, keep an eye out for surprise guests that may show up in your plaza from time to time.” (*Dare I say some form of achievements?)

Nintendo Zone

“Game previews, 3D videos, trivia challenges, retailer promotions and coupons, and more – all for free! Bring your Nintendo 3DS system to any of over 29,000 locations for a free and automatic connection.”

Nintendo eShop

“Enjoy easier ways to browse and pay* for games and content, plus now cue up purchases to download while your system is in sleep mode.” (*You can also type the exact amount you need to buy something from the eShop, plus save your credit card info to your system. Oh, and developers can now put DLC on the eShop — not that you can download anything as of yet.)

System Transfer

“Game files can now be transferred from your Nintendo 3DS system to another Nintendo 3DS system.”

Enhanced Online Gaming Features

“Any time you play online against another Nintendo 3DS owner in Mario Kart 7, you can now automatically add them to your Friend List without a friend code. You can also easily join a game that someone in your Friend List is playing when you see them online.”

Those are some meaty nuggets to this update, important ones too like DLC, which should really help the Nintendo 3DS go side-by-side with other more fuller online services. Here’s hoping the next firmware improves things even more, but in the meanwhile, glue your eyes to these spectacular 15 Crazy Christmas Light Displays or this Urban Hotel is the Green Hotel of the Future.