Blow Off Some Steam With The Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller

Style matters the most, and that’s why we love when our modern gadgets go Victorian, even if that implies becoming a bit unpractical. The idea of mixing up steampunk and videogames is always attractive, and we’ve featured plenty (even a Steampunk Xbox 360 that would go along beautifully with this controller, ideal for steampunk fans) in previous articles, yet, this one is worth mentioning even though it’s a controller and not the full machine.

Xbox Steampunk Controller 1

This bad boy here used to be up for sale in eBay for $120 dollars, but has been taken down since then. Here’s to hoping new mods come from Minister Morbid, the alleged creator, once again because this is fantastic. So, picture yourself playing Halo or any other futuristic Sci-Fi FPS, all the while holding the past in your hands and argue with us that is not badass.

The control is made out of beautifully carved wood and leather for the handles, with bronze for the buttons. The color of the buttons get lost in the transition to Steampunk awesomeness, but luckily, the letters are carved there, and in any case, real gamers know where each button is located by now anyways. These decisions fit the look beautifully and all, but what gives the distinctive touch is definitely the key and the hole at the center of the piece.

Xbox Steampunk Controller 2

The characteristic Xbox button has been replaced by a Victorian style key that is used to access the menu and turn on the controller. Hey, it might be impractical, but you’re making a choice here: style matters! Now, be careful not to lose the key, though, or the controller will end up like a very expensive and carefully crafter paperweight.

The detail is stunning and the design is very well developed, we just wish we knew more of the author to give credit where it’s due. If you happen to be him/her, please contact us so we can give credit where its due.