3d printed earphones tailor made for your ears

Shopping for earphones can be particularly hard, especially when there are so many options but none that fits just right. These 3d printed earphones come to fix that.


Say goodbye to odd fits and the eternal battle for the perfect headphones that feel just right. These headphones are just… Normal. And what we mean by Normal is expertly crafted, 3D printed earphones that contour just right about your ears no matter what shape they have, because they were especially created with you in mind. Simply use the Normal app for Android or iOS, take pictures of your ears, customize your headphones and hit send.

Nikki Kaufman, founder of Normal, explained that custom made stuff usually costs way too much, but with their clever use of 3d printing technology, $199 and 48 hours will get you just the right fit, that sounds awesome on top. If you want your own pair, go get the app at the Android or Apple stores, or watch the video below to learn more about it.


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