Wearing Google Glass In a Cinema Could Get You Thrown Out

Amidst fears of piracy, two theatre chains in America have banned Google Glass from their screens, forbidding customers from wearing it.

Google Glass

‘It’s in the name of fashion’, ‘I have a prescription’, ‘I just wanted to look cool, funky and fresh during my time at the movie theatre’ – these are all excuses that just won’t fly when you show up to the movie theatre in a pair of Google’s hi-tech glasses as despite your perfectly innocent and perhaps entirely valid reasons for wearing them there, you still risk being thrown out. It seems like a slightly extreme punishment but the movie theatres are just protecting the skin on their well-flushed with money backs as Google Glass’ use as an on-the-face recorder that could also see it turned into the perfect device for recording films off the screen and shopping them about online or on discs for a profit.

Two movie theatre chains to realise this are AMC and Alamo Drafthouse. AMC just booted one guy from the screening of a movie based on their suspicions (he actually wasn’t recording anything with Google Glass, but AMC’s policy is apparently guilty until innocent) while Alamo has at least issued a forewarning to explain that in its theatres (it operates in five states) once the lights dim before the movie you’ll need to take your pair of Google Glass off but you’ll be able to put them right back on when the lights go back up or if you have to head out of the screening to bag a box of popcorn or make a quick dash to the bathroom, which seems fair.

Although the decision is down to security, which seems understandable, perhaps neither company has considered that Google Glass just isn’t made for recording over long periods of time (such as a 90 minute feature length movie) as after about 30 minutes of recording the device simply just runs out of battery. That detail comes from Google itself so whether we’ll see some sort of statement from them on the theatre’s Glass-banning is yet to be seen.

Source: CNET

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