Bizarre 3D Printed Mold Cleans Your Teeth in 6 Seconds

We’re definitely headed to an era of 3D printed everything, as more and more things are manufactured using this method. Still, how would you feel using a 3D printed mold for cleaning your teeth?

Some people tend to forget how important dental hygiene really is. There are plenty of health problems that start with poor oral hygiene, so a change needs to be made. Blizzident is willing to bring that change into your life by 3D scanning your mouth and creating a 3D mold that cleans teeth perfectly in 6 seconds.

To clean your teeth using this 3D printed mold, you only need to chew and bite. Since the mold is modeled after your teeth, the entire surface will be cleaned. On top of that, your tongue is also cleaned automatically, fact that eliminates bad breath right away. The bristles included in the mold are pointed at your teeth at a 45 degree angle. Their pressure is optimal, which means that your teeth are cleaned perfectly, while their surface and the gums face no risk of getting damaged.

Apparently, this manufacturer also thought about children. The 3D mold makes brushing errors a thing of the past, and because of this, the young ones might represent an ideal client for Blizzident. Such a bizarre toothbrush would cut down their brushing time drastically, and it would also teach them a thing or two about protecting the environment, as the Blizzident 3D mold is 100% recyclable, being made from from biocompatible plastics entirely.

The price of the Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush is one of the major drawbacks of this otherwise interesting product. More precisely, the manufacturer charges $299 for 3D scanning your oral cavity and for the first mold. Very much like common toothbrushes, the 3D mold needs to be changed periodically, but not as often as every two to three months. In fact, Blizzident suggests the mold should be replaced once a year, and for that it charges $159. While the first price might be justified by the expensive 3D scan, people feel that the other price is more than steep, considering that 3D printing is supposed to be cheap.

Blizzident’s philosophy seems to be pretty straight-forward: time is money, and what you save by not brushing endlessly you have to pay to this company. Is this fair enough for you?

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