Monster Mash Up – Street Fighter Versus Plants vs. Zombies Video

Watch as Capcom’s Street Fighters take on the zombies of PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies in this cute and funny fan-made video.

Street Fighter Versus Plants vs Zombies by NicksplosionFX image

Street Fighter characters versus Marvel super heroes; Street Fighter characters versus Megaman; now Street Fighter characters versus PopCap Game’s Plants vs. Zombies. It’s starting to feel like this whole crossover idea is ridiculously getting out of hand. What’s next? Street Fighter versus The Fast and the Furious? No wait, that sounds like an awesome idea.

Before images of Guile taking on Vin Diesel dance in our heads though, lets first talk about this wild mashup of the 2D fighter and touch-centric puzzle game made by talented YouTube-video creator NicksplosionFX. Nick (is it cool that I call you that?) combined the World Warriors into the front-yard battlefield of Plants vs. Zombie, and as you’ll see, the cartoony hordes of zombies didn’t stand much of a chance.

Although… really, if you’re someone who can throw fireballs like Ryu or your skin exerts lightning like Blanka, neither man, automobile, or the walking dead can hardly stand a chance. Oh, but those slouching meat-headed rapscallions – bless their sweet, no longer beating hearts – they keep on arriving in waves against their better judgement.

I feel like this should be a game, or at least a DLC pack for Pete’s sake. Nick seems to have the basic concept down pat – perhaps some character tweaking is needed, but otherwise it’s perfect. Alas, I’m sure this video will be the closest thing to having both gaming franchises meet. That is unless I suddenly become the President of Gaming, which is totally not a position I just made up right now. Okay, I did.

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